Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. There are three contexts in which sports massage can be useful to an athlete: pre-event, post-event, and injury treatment. The specialists at Brielle integrated Healthcare in Brielle, NJ are skilled at helping athletes.

Benefits of Sports Massage

One of the biggest advantages of sports massage is that it helps in preventing further injuries to the body. It helps in decreasing the tension in the muscles and helps in relaxing stiff muscles. Sports massage also provides balance to the musculoskeletal system. If the massage is applied regularly, then it helps the athletes in preventing further injuries, caused due to overuse. Overuse causes accumulation of stress or tension in the muscles and puts a lot of stress or burden on the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Sports Massage

What Can Happen If You Skip A Massage

  • Usually the tension or imbalances in the muscles are not diagnosed and they continue to build up to the point where they cause serious damage to the athlete. The athlete may not be able to perform to his/her best ability and may experience pain or discomfort while playing.
  • A licensed massage therapist is able to make out these types of problems in the muscles and soft tissues and will apply massage using correct techniques which benefits the athlete immensely in preserving their healthy physical condition.
  • Play at your peak! Sports massage at Brielle Integrated Healthcare impacts your performance.