Acupuncture For Anxiety

Anxiety is no fun. You just want to go about your life freely without feeling like everything is a threat. One beautiful thing about Acupuncture is it can help people with anxiety.

In fact, sometimes people come to Acupuncture with a physical complaint such as back pain or digestive issues. Once the treatment begins, no matter how nervous they might have been leading up to the first treatment (it’s very gentle at BIH), it’s very common for people for to say, “I feel so relaxed”. It’s not just the dim lights and gentle spa music we play. It’s the effect of Acupuncture on the nervous system.

There are many wonderful Acu-points that can help reduce anxiety. Our goal would be to go beyond reducing anxiety by helping you uncover a deeper, stronger, more positive sense of yourself. Each treatment is tailored to your unique situation.
You’re an individual, not a page in a text book. Though many people have anxiety we want to know how it is for you. We might ask what you some basic questions to get a better understanding of your experience of anxiety.

One possible treatment is a group of points that are used to treat trauma (PTSD) by Acupuncturists for the US Army as well as the Yale Medical School department of Psychiatry. If the US Military and Yale Medical School are using Acupuncture for these major nervous system disruptions, well, you know there is something to it. This 5-point protocol is also used for Natural Disaster victims and rescue workers.

A patient once walked into my office having a panic attack. I quickly welcomed her into the treatment space and administered the treatment protocol from above. Within seconds she became calm and said, “they should use this in hospitals!” Mind you, there are no medications or anything at all in the tiny thin needles we use. It’s your body’s own natural wisdom that is activated when these tiny points are stimulated.

Once you’re in a calm place, it may be helpful to discuss a few simple techniques you can take with you outside the treatment room. These techniques can help you reconnect to that peace within when you’re out in the world.

Whether you’re on medication, talking to a therapist, or just want some natural support, Acupuncture can be a very helpful, even pivotal tool to help you reduce your anxiety levels. We work with your current situation and can safely integrate Acupuncture into your approach for reducing anxiety.

Call our office today to book a consultation or first appointment. And if you’re worried about the needle process, it’s super gentle and soothing. Give us a call to get started on the road to recovering your inner peace.